A bold transformation to the building industry and it’s builders.

We apply modern and novel methods to construction & use innovative technology to give freedom to a growing community in the building industry.

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About us

Restoring the value of the builder

We are a group of construction, high tech, risk management, supply chain and financial professionals that are changing the business model of construction by doing things better in a culture of honor and mutual support. We increase the value created for everyone in the industry by lowering risk, increasing quality, simplifying processes and reducing waste.

What we do

We use the latest technologies such as AI, IoT devices, integrated project management, real-time risk management, real-time financial management and satellite technology.

It is difficult for workers in construction to build long-term value for retirement or to save up money to buy a home, yet construction workers literally build our nation. 2BuildUs restores the value, respect, pride and honor of working in construction. Craftsmen and business owners in the 2BuildUs network have the security, financial rewards, accessibility to credit, financial future, career growth, risk reduction and other benefits that have historically only been accessible at high tech companies like Google.

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The Ecosystem: How it works

The 2BuildUs ecosystem brings customers, subcontractors, suppliers and employees together as members of an ecosystem who all share in the value created. 100% of the value created is shared with members because there are no owners.

Construction is ripe for innovation, and we are re-imagining it as a culture that creates prosperity for high quality individuals who want to become practitioners of the highest state of the art. When people in the trades come together, we can unleash innovation, excellence and financial prosperity for ourselves and our families. 2BuildUs is a non-stock Delaware company and the ecosystem is built on Sweet Commerce which was created by Sweetbridge.

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For the business owner

2BuildUs brings everything a contractor needs to run their business from financing, accounting, legal, HR, project management tools to lending. The average business will double its value within a year of joining, enjoying lower cost and higher margins.

  • No issue of working capital
  • No lawsuits
  • No contract and paperwork
  • Confidence of knowing that you’re offering your very best to employees at no additional cost
  • Ability to translate the activity of your current business into your future retirement
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For the tradesperson/employee

People that work for 2BuildUs see growing compensation, career growth, access to better benefits, and a positive culture where you are an owner. The average tradesperson/employee will see quarterly increases in their total compensation.

The typical employee enjoys:

  • Greater job security for the family
  • Career development
  • Better benefits for the family
  • Retirement plan
  • Ownership in the value they help create
  • Flexible work environments

Let's build together. Join the transformation of industry

Partner with the pride that comes with building your local economy. To learn about opportunities to join the reformation of construction and the value of working as trade or craftsmen or women using the latest in technology and the Sweet Commerce Platform.

Connect with us and we can build together.

Even if you don’t work for 2BuildUs as an employee you can participate in the value 2BuildUs is creating in the construction industry as a supplier, contractor, subcontractor or as a member of the 2BuildUs ecosystem.

Interested in creating an ecosystem in another industry? We’d love to talk. Check out the Sweet Commerce Ecosystems at sweetbridge.com